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rsz_dsc04855Marlowe Parks was born and raised in New York City. He was introduced to the Seventh Day Adventist movement by a co-worker and was baptized in August 1998. His wife Melshara was soon baptized in December 1998. Together Marlowe and Melshara have two children: Taji, 15 and Judaea 10.

During this time, the Lord opened up many opportunites for Marlowe to preach in various churches in the Greater New York and Northeastern Conferences. Marlowe went on to study to be a pastor by enrolling in the Personal Ministries Institute, a theological extension course of Atlantic Union College in which he completed all of the theological requirements. He and his family then went on to move to Leominster, MA in which to enroll in the Adult Degree Program of Atlantic Union College to complete the requirements of a pastor. During this time he worked as a Bible Worker for the Southern New England Conference. God had other plans for Marlowe and his family in which He led them into the self supporting work as outlined in the Spirit of Prophecy.


After reading the exhaustive amount of counsel regarding country living, The Lord providentially opened the doors for them to move to Maine. It was here in Maine that "true education" was taught to them. Marlowe learned the trade of carpentry and was able to pass that knowledge onto his son Taji, who at the time was 11 years old and later to his daughter Judaea. Melshara as well learned canning, gardening, bread making, natural remedies, and a host of other skills prevalent for those who are living in the end time. Through this knowledge God put it into the hearts of The Parks Family to begin a ministry based on pages 192 and 194 of Ministry of Healing which states that those who have various trades should assist poor families to live in the country and help them to yield a livelihood, thus the birth of Pasture 4 His Flock. Through this ministry, The Parks build small cabin homes for Seventh Day Adventists who believe that country living is a requirement to prepare one's character and to prepare practically for the National Sunday Law and the No Buy, No Sell Decree. They also preach the Present Truth Messages for this time as well as conduct revival and evangelistic meetings. They also teach others the skills that they have graciously learned so that God's people may be the head and not the tail. One can go to their website and discover more about their building ministry as well as view pictures and videos.Pasture 4 His FlockWebsite:




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