Anthony Burns

Bro. Anthony Burns and his wife Cheryl started keeping the Sabbath on the first Sabbath of 2004 as a result of watching Pastor Doug Batchelor on Amazing Facts in late 2003.  They both committed to keeping the Sabbath based on their biblical research and studies.  Bro. Burns had no idea the Pastor Batchelor was and SDA.  They kept the Sabbath according to the Bible  and the Bible only for the first seven to eight months of 2004 before being invited to attend an "End Times" seminar taught by Elder Moses Mason in August of 2004.  The seminar lasted twenty two days and as a result, at the end of the seminar they both were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist faith.
At baptism he was given a set of Ellen White's Conflict of Ages series and from that point forward, Bro. Burns began studying the Bible more and bringing the Spirit of Prophecy into his christian life principles.  Bro. Burns, was asked to provide studies on the 2300 days, the Three Angels' Message and the Book of Daniel to his fellow church members.  This gave him more motivation to understand the Pillars of Our Faith, which he also has taught to church members.
As a result of his studies of the Three Angels' Messages', Bro. Burns gained an understanding of the State of the Dead and Spiritualism. This has bought him to a better understanding of the dangers of hypnotism and its newer, deadly form, Spiritual Formation.  Recently Bro. Burns has been providing in depth sermons on Spiritual Formation and what he sees as a major contributor to the "Omega of Apostasy" in the Seventh-day Adventist church and in the world at large.
Currently, Bro. Burns and his wife Cheryl have a ministry and newsletter, "The Second Advent Messenger," which focuses on prophecy, end time events and health reform.  The Burns' live in middle Tennessee, and have two daughters, Jessica and VerCinda.

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