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From Denzel & Sussannie Da Costa : JULY 2016

Just Love Them Ministries & foundation Academy of Denzel & Sussannie  Da Costa are working on a building project for the  ministry before winter showers down on them.They  need to raise at least $10,000 for supplies so their ministry is not left out in the cold. If you are impress to help, Please email them at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you for your help.Y 2016

An Appeal From Bro. BERT LEVERETT: June 2016

I'm on the way over to St. Elizabeth Jamaica on a mission trip in a very remote part of the country. I am working with the Greater New York Conference and the Jamaican Conference. I am conducting a special reaping meeting for about 5 weeks. During this time I will be working with 3 bible workers training them to follow-up after I leave. This has been an on-going project and already 6 souls are preparing for baptism. I will also be doing a medical missionary training during the morning. We plan to continue working in this area until we can raise up a church. I will be going back and forth for approximately 2 years.

I need your help! I leave for this trip in just 2 weeks from Monday. Here are some of our needs.

1. Much Prayer (daily)

2. General meeting expenses (bible workers, literature, study material)

3. Bible workers support funds

4. Transportation (inside the country)

5. Food & lodging

6. General expenses

7. Bible & SOP books

I'll be sending a weekly update blog with pictures and video. I will also archive the whole trip on our website www.breachbuilders.org

Needs: Total budget $5,300. So far between Breach Builders Ministry and the New York brethren we have about $2,500. That leave us to raise $2,800. If you can help with any funds I will be very grateful. Thank you for considering this mission project. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Breach Builders Ministry

PO Box 11531

San Bernardino CA. 92423






Brother Elvin Bridges :
"The Out of the Cities Country Living Webinar conducted a few weeks ago on Apocalypse TV by Brother Elvin Bridges is now available on an 8 DVD set. This Webinar was viewed in 39 countries around the world, underscoring the intense interest and desire of saints across the globe to leave the cities. Brother Bridges is very passionate with his burden to help individuals and families get out of the cities as soon as possible.  He combines the Bible, Spirit of Prophecy, the Signs of the Times, History, and his own family's two Out of the Cities personal experiences to provide a comprehensive study on the vital subject of Country Living. He answers the WHY, WHERE, HOW, WHEN, & WHAT questions regarding God's original living environment for his people, in the context of the Plan of Salvation. He has made this DVD set very affordable; only $46 including shipping, giving everyone an opportunity of receiving a blessing by God's grace. You can purchase it on his website. Go to www.livingmannaministries.org. to order. If you don't use the internet, you can call him or Sister Bridges at (323)620-4506 for information on how to order by mail.


Ron Neifert has an appeal for the 9 Theology students who desperately need a total of  $ 7500 (seven thousand five hundred dollars) for them  to be able to finish school and finish God's work. For those who are impressed to help these dedicated working students, you can email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  please send your donation to:
Ron Neifert
24 Aviemore Dr
Mason, MI  48854
"You will be enriched in every way for great generosity, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God; for the rendering of this service not only supplies the wants of the saints but also overflows in many thanksgiving to God."( 2Corinthians 9: 11-12



Dr. Courtney Jackson

Event: Spirit Of Prophecy/Medical Missionary Class

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Place: University Seventh Day Adventist Church -1135 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Dates: Ongoing - ECost: None


By computer click on the link below Sundays at 6 am PST www.anymeeting.com/revelationofhem1

or by phone: 213-416-1560 Access Code: 468 746 123.

Subject: The Holy Gospel According to Luke

SUNDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY LINE Sundays  at 5pm PST Call 605-475-4825 pin# 411707.very Sabbath

Times: 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Contact Person: Dr Courtney Jackson (909) 557-5618

I would like to mention in addition that we
need some who are willing to give regular monthly
contributions of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 or
more. This greatly helps with our efficiency in
planning and moving ahead quickly. We must first
meet general expenses in the U.S.
Thank You again for those whose who have
given so generously to make all this possible and
Thank you for your regular continued support.
Our Needs:
General & Operating Expense $1,200 your
immediate help will be greatly appreciated in
helping us carry out normal operation.
Immediate help is needed to purchase my airfare
estimated at $2,000 to 3 countries. Costa Rica,
Colombia and Peru
Sponsorship of 3 Missionaries: $3,000 for Peru
CD/DVD Burner/Publisher: Bravo 4100–Series Disc
Printers and Publishers $2,600 approx. Needed due
to it’s compact and portable size.
Publishing Expense: still needed $3,800
Mission Dental Equipment & Supplies: $3,000 still
needed $2,600
Camara/Photo/Video Equipment: $5,000(Pray for
our video project we have started in Colombia and
it’s completion)
Non-Profit Status: $850
Churches Requesting Help
Casma Sur SDA Church(Peru): Requested help in
construction expense to build a permanent concrete
structure. Their church is no made of adobe bricks
and unfinished.
Villa Hermosa SDA Church(Peru): This is a much
smaller church of sand/dirt flour with walls of
bamboo or cornstalks also requesting help in
building a much more appropriate structure for the
worship of God.
Keep in mind that your regular monthly
contributions will help to continue this work here in
the U.S. and internationally. Please deposit directly
into our account at Bank of America for immediate
For depositing your Donations:
Bank of America
Acct# 21486 32228
Routing#121 000 358
or send Checks payable to Mailing Address:
C o u r t n e y J a c k s o n , D D S , M M E
REVELATION OF H.E.2M.2 July 2015












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