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Dear Sis. Nora,

Thanks to you and the fellowship for maintaining this prayerline that is such a blessing to so many.

I am always only able to listen to replays so I don't get to ask questions.  Yet I am grateful. Can you assist me by proving the contact information of a speaker.  I was so blessed by his message and would like to receive some further guidance from him.I will be content with either an email address or a phone number.

Enjoy the Sabbath hours as we continue to hold each other up in prayer.Blessings,

Grace Semple-Paul,

Bay Area SDA, TEXAS(Dec 2017)



Hello Sis Nora,

I want to thank you so much for your prayers in 2016. I love the prayer line and am forever grateful. This coming year, as we see the storm approaching, it's time for God's people to get serious. Serious about medical missionary work. Serious about country living. Serious about getting the work done!

Thank you so very much for this prayer line! It gives me life! When I am down, it lifts me up with words of encouragement. Although I am not able to join live, I love to play back the recordings!

Be encouraged and know that this ministry is blessing people all over the world and inspiring the brethern to keep going in the midst of trials and tribulation. Never feel that your work is in vain! You are doing a MIGHTY work! God bless your ministry. I am always encouraged to listen to the playback of the prayer line.

Thank God for you and your team who faithfully attend each morning and evening. God will reward your efforts!May we be part of the redeemed when Christ comes.Stay sweet in Jesus.

I hope this is all our prayer as we enter a new, exiciting but also challenging year of change. Lord help us to get ready. Again, pleaase keep in your prayers as I will keep you and the prayer line on my list.

Monique,Canada (Dec.2016)


Hello Sis Nora,

Thanks so much for your prayers as we seek to do God's will at this time.I am calling from Canada.  Is Skype a more affordable way to dial in for the conference call?What about Whatsapp? Has that worked for some people?I love to listen to these messages online. They inspire me to keep going and I long to listen live so I can participate.Dear sister, let us each seek Christ daily as we move forward in faith. May he grant us that peace that passeth all understanding.As we commit our plans to him, may he make the crooked path strait and make his perfect will made known.


Monique,Canada, August 25,2016


Good morning all! Just want to let everyone know how much this prayer line is appreciated. I live in the Bahamas so i don't get to join in on the live calls but i go back and listen to the postings on the website and they are such a blessing. Keep up the Good work and continue to be encouraged. God Bless!

Zarah Humes, Bahamas, July 13, 2016



My initial reason for calling into and participating on The Southern California Connection Prayer Line Ministry was because my friend, Gwen Shorter, invited me. She was very excited about it, so, wanting to support her, I called in. But like the men of Samaria told the woman, "Now we believe, not because of thy saying:. . .", I have found a blessing in listening to the Biblically inspiring messages, the powerful testimonies, and the prayers that reach toward the throne of grace. Every time I listen in, its like being at the old-fashioned Camp Meetings of my youth, worshiping with the saints of the Most High.

Please do make this prayer line a part of your daily devotion as you study the Word of God. You can only be blessed. In this short testimony I can promise you, the half has not been told. Maranatha!

Brenda, California


The prayer line has been the greatest blessing in my life since my husband passed away in 2009. What I really miss is the deep Bible studies Bud & I had every day. He was a deep thinker when it came to God's Word & the Spirit of Prophecy. The prayer line has helped to fill that void in my life. I've met old friends on the line & made new friends, too. Having like believers to pray with you & to help encourage you is a special gift from the Lord. The speakers have shared important messages with us that keep us focused on our goal of heaven. I am looking forward to the Special Resurrection & to meeting all of you on this prayer line. Stay focused on Jesus.

Joyce, Tennessee


I have been blessed since Sis Pat Charles invited to listen on the prayer line. I am very inspired with the different speakers especially those pertaining to the end of time. I keep in my prayers always the leaders, Sis. Shorter, and all the speakers. I ask God to help me to listen and understand, and invite others to tune in. May the Lord Bless Us and Keep us faithful. Amen.

Hyacinth, Florida




Since joining the Central Filipino Prayer Line, it has been so encouraging. I was in a back-slidden condition and had stopped going to church. The church I had joined changed and just wasn't the same church. The prayer line helped my sort things out. It showed me that there are still people wanting that old-time religion - the way things used to be in the SDA Church.

The prayer line is so inspiring and enlightening. I have contacted all my friends and relatives. Sometimes I have 2 phones going at the same time to hook up my friends to the prayer line. These messages are good for the soul. Before the calls, I get on the phone and call people to remind them to get on the line. So many out there are struggling and this prayer line just brings joy to your heart. It even beats Oprah Winfrey and the talk shows!

By the way I'm going back to church and getting stronger day by day and its helping me to grow in my spiritual relationship with Christ. Its one thing to be religious, but we must be spiritual. This ministry is a joy - its just a joy!

Donna, Ohio




"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." I Corinthians 2:9 This prayer line has given me a MINISTRY. I can share it with others. God put it in my lap - just a number to call. Every person can sow a seed in this prayer line ministry. Let this CFC prayer line be known to everyone, everywhere!

I wasn't even going to do it - call in. Then the Holy Spirit began telling me to get on the line. My daughter knows when I'm on the prayer line to tippy-toe and be very quiet. God gives us so many chances. This prayerline is one of my chances. I am so grateful for this prayer line. God has given me such peace in my illness. He has made it all beautiful. Now, God blesses me to be a blessing. it is a blessing to be a blessing!

He loves me with an undying love. The hest gift is the gift of the knowledge of Him thru His word, our family and our church and by the ministry of God. - This Prayer Line! Everybody who comes on gets a ministry - just tell somebody else and you have a ministry! GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN!

Mille, California




I requested prayer for my daughter, beacuse she was so over stressed in her studies not eating or sleeping. It was very difficult. The doctors were saying she had all kinds of sicknesses. We prayed for her on the prayer line several times and God answered our prayers. She got better!

I am learning a lot about the end-time prophecies and what i must do to prepare. It is such a blessing. Prophecy Made Easy has really blessed me. I couldn't understand these prophecies before, but now it is clearer than before. Thank God. i have shared the CFC prayer line numbers with others and encourage them to call in and get a blessing as I have been blessed.

Shandra, California




The prayer line is such a blessing to me. My spiritual life has grown, and my life in general has definitely been enriched. I sincerely believe that the Holy Spirit has anointed this ministry in a tremendous way, and it has the potential for even greater faith works.

EB, New York




I was suprised to hear from Sister Shorter after so many years. She told me about the prayer line and I told as many people as I could. As I listen everyday there is always something to bless me and answer my prayer.

"End Time Like These" ministries is an answer to my prayer. I had been praying to the Lord to move us out of the neighborhood and into the country. Elder Michael Johnson told us to just go door to door. Visit my neighbors and ask them if I could pray for them. The 1st week I did this all ______ broke lose in my house. Satan was angry. The 2nd week we didn't go. The 3rd week was such a blessing. One neighbor, Kevin's face just lit up when we ask to pray for his family. Another lady wanted prayer for her knee surgery. This has been such a blessing.

Brother Edward Baptiste message on the mind was so timely. Another family asked us to pray they would get the pornography out of their home. It's gone.

The Lord is preparing His people. He is warning us of the things about to come. I always wanted to study Daniel and Revelation. Now I can on the prayer line! So much encouragement. So much pressing together. It's turning us back to the Lord. The play back calls are such a blessing. I share this CFC Prayer Line Ministry on Facebook, in church, in my neighborhood, - Everywhere!

Marsha, Michigan




This has been a beautiful, beautiful experience. The prayer line is wonderful for sharing with others. Be encouraged Sis Gwen. I am praying for you. God is really doing something with this prayer line. I don't want us to miss that fact. God is pulling his people together! I have shared this prayer line number and replay number with my friends. I have done my part. I am amazed at what is happening! We look for big things to happen but this is really waking God's people up. There is an awakening happening now!

Barbara, Maryland




The prayer line is a blessing because it is a place I come to fellowship with like believers in the truth. I had to separate for now from my local church because of the disrespect of God's Holy Sabbath and the drums, etc... in the church. This is now my only source of fellowship with like believers. I am spiritually fed and with ideas and support to get the message out. I was especially inspired by Buster to just get out there and I've been busy every since. I appreciate the prayer line and all you guys are doing to help me!

Dorothy, Mississippi




1999 was the darkest year of my life. I was next to being blind. I had to have cataract surgery in both eyes. I have 20/20 vision in both eyes now. I'm so thankful that the good Lord has given almost 9 years added to my 3 score and ten, so I can learn more of what God expects of me. I'm also thankful for this prayer line. Please pray for me that I can be an an example to those around me to wear modest clothes and follow the health message - and be ready to meet Jesus when He comes in the clouds of Heaven.

Orpha, California

PS. I was really impressed one time when the line was very noisy and someone prayed and immediately the line was quiet and clear. God answers prayer right now, if we ask!




A few months ago I received an invitation from my friend Gwen Shorter to listen to the So. California Connection Prayer Line sponsored by the Women's Ministry of Central Filipino SDA Church. I listened the next day and I enjoyed the presentation, testimonies, prayer requests, and prayers that were offered. Since then, this prayer line has become a part of me. I feel so encouraged, enlightened, and blessed by the different speakers and the sisters and brothers on the prayer line. I have passed the word a long to my friends and relatives and invited them to attend.

The prayer line has grown and is growing. I feel that I have grown very close to the people just by listening to them on the prayer line. They are my sisters and brothers and I'm looking forward to meeting them personally in the kingdom and I thnk we all fee the same way.

Your sister in Christ, Gloria, Oregon

PS. I am so blessed and appreciate so much Dr. Haynes presentation on the Sanctuary Series.




I am learning so many things from the prayerline. Its addicting! It has also strengthened and increased my faith. The speakers are so inspiring and knowledgeable. You will learn a lot from the Bible. It has helped me to understand prophecy better. I am reading Prophecy Made Easy on the Internet by Glen Walker. It has really increased my understanding of the book of Revelation. I'm almost halfway through the book. I want to read it again and again until it sticks in my mind.

The speakers are so inspiring and we are being inspired from all different places in America. Its amazing!

Marie, California




Every morning I wake up I wait for 7 am and the prayerline to begin my day. I don't know what I would do without this prayerline. I eat that for breakfast - my niece and I. I am glad that my cell phone plan allows me to do that. I have purchased several phone cards for others so the can listen also.

Becky, California




The CFC Prayer Line has been a blessing to me. I can see the spiritual growth in my life. The presentors and moderators are such a blessing. I did not realize I had such short comings when I come on the line. This prayer line has increased my knowledge of what the Holy Spirit requires of me as I search these things out. I am trying so hard to make the spiritual changes as they come to me thru the power of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer life has been tremendously blessed here. I used to pray 45 minutes a day I can now pray 2-3 hours a day as a result of the prayer line. My relationship with the Lord has become a loving relationship like I never had before. The Lord has shown me how sweet he is and how much he loves me. I have learned thru the prayer line that he not only loves me, but he cares for me. I have learned He is Jehovah Jirah - He will provide if I just wait on Him. He allowed me to see thim as a profound God thru the prayer line. I used to think he was a little hard. I know Him now as a warm and tender God. He speaks to me and I hear Him now. I am listening now - I just wait before Him and wait for Him to speak to me.

I thought I loved the Lord before - but now I am in LOVE with Him. I am practicing a few minutes each day reflecting on the cross - and my eyes water with tears. The Lord is teaching me to pace myself everyday. And I wait on Him. I'm not in a rush anymore. I wait on Him for direction. As a result, my life has become organized. Spiritually, I am not the same person.

I am surprised at the strength the Lord has given me. I have closeness with the Lord that I have never had in my life. Thanks to the prayer line that started me on the road to rejuvination. Praise the Lord!

Joan, New York



Thank you for throwing out the life-line for other through the prayer line. When I hear such wonderful messages I have to respond with my amens, uh huh, yes, etc.... I just hope its not too distracting to the speakers - Just want them to know they're not speaking to dry bones out here. I can not dial in myself, but am connected to the line by a friend. Thanks God!

Henrietta, Michigan



Att: Sister Gwen Shorter,

I would like to thank you for taking the time and accepting the responsibility to manage this prayer line. It has been a blessing for my wife and myself over the last several weeks that we have been listening and participating on the calls. I was able to listen to Jeff Wehr give his presentation on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that is just wonderful. Brother Wehr has such a way of articulating prophecy that makes it so simple and easy to understand like no other.

The prayer request and testomonial tug at our heart as we hear the needs of our church members for themselves and their families. It really made me realize again and again we preceive our problems to be insurmountable until we listen to others. God is such a good, loving and gracious God. Again, I want to thank you for all you are doing. I pray God will continue to bless and strengthen you in the work you are doing.

God Bless,

Rupert & Marilyn Salmon, Washington



I have been tremendously blessed by the messages on the Prayer Line esp. the ones on spiritualism. I have been inspired, moved and blessed and sharing it with everyone I meet. I am especially thankful to hear the calls later on in the day on the call back & listen number. Thank God for my new prayer family. It is such an encouragement.

Rosanna, California



The prayer line has opened my mind and increased my knowledge especially in health! Dr. Williams presentations has really blessed my soul. Thank God for the recorded conference calls - so I can listen later when I miss them. I thank God for allowing the Women's Ministry to bring this ministry to us, which has been such a rich blessing.

Jan, New York



“I have found the prayer line to be a true blessing in my life. Whenever time allows, it is comforting to know I can call in to the prayer line, hear an uplifting message and receive a blessing.”

A.M.J, California




I am Sister Melba G. and I would like to share my testimony with you all. Sis. Gwen Shorter had asked me to send one and I was not sure as what I wanted say. I have been blessed tremendously with the prayer line and I am excited to share any information about the California Connection Women ministry prayer line with anyone I meet in my daily walk.

The Lord has been definitely pruning me for his vineyard. I have been reluctant, but I am coming along day by day and only because of his grace and mercy. As of December 2009 of last year I became a widow. So I have really learned to cling to God's promises in searching out and retaining the widows promises in his Word and believe me they have seen me through many trials in the last several months. The faith walk is truly amazing - because our sweet Jesus is always on time to give you comfort. I am looking forward to addressing the widows needs in my local church - although this prayer line ministry definitely addresses many needs and in a marvelous way.

I am asking the Lord to daily guide me and give me holy boldness with his word in sharing with others. So please continue to pray for me. And yes, as he states in his word - to make a way for us to escape and if we will only hold on and keep the faith.

Below I have added some comments from a ministry that I get monthly letters of encouragement and would like to share it with everyone. "Where there is no vision the people perish." Proverbs 29:18

Do you have a vision of a finished work? If there is ever to be a finished work, at some point in time there must be a finished work of grace in your home and in your church and in sister churches throughout the world. Many Adventists have lost their vision of a finished work. According to the text just quoted, they will perish because they will never arrive at a spiritual destination for which they are not aiming, planning and working. The work of grace does not accomplish your salvation without your cooperation (See Phil. 2: 12, 13.) We are living in the harvestime, the future which Ellen White saw in vision when "the true time of trial, of test, or proving... God has a people, and they will be a tried people, but the people will be humble. They are under the guidance of the Holy one in thought, in word, in deed." lbid.

May the Lord bless and keep you all,

Sis. Melba G., Texas



My name is Christine and I have been listening in to your daily conference calls on-and-off for about a year now.  Unfortunately, due to my schedule not being very flexible, I'm only able to listen in live on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.  However, I am so thankful that I am able to call in at a later time and listen to all pre-recorded messages.  I am also thankful to whomever has taken the time to make the website and carefully list all messages on a day-to-day basis.
I truly want to tell you that the Lord is blessing in ways which you don't know and I want to encourage you to keep up what you are doing.  Just remember though, Satan is not happy, therefore, don't be surprised if conference officials start coming down on you.  And if they already have, just know it's because you are doing a great work for the Lord and many people are coming to "a knowledge of the truth".
Having said all that, I wanted to share how blessed I have been by the messages of Jim Hornung, Dr. Williams, Bill Hughes, Dave Westbrook, Ron Neifert, Gordon, Buster, Amy, Gwyn and so many others.  It's truly like going to different churches that have special guest speakers without having to drive an hour or two to go listen to them.
By the way, I was wondering if you could get James Luke from nhtlh.com to be another speaker of the Medical Missionary work(he is very balanced) as well as David Gates for "current events' and possibly Jan Marcussen?
God Bless to all moderators and speakers.  May the peace of Jesus be with you all.
Christine, California














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